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Registration for the 2022 Fall Field Hockey Season is Here!

Registration will be open from June 3 to July 15.  Once closed, we cannot reopen.  Register ASAP!

See FAQs tab for important information regarding the equipment your child needs (e.g., type of goggles, stick size).   

You will need to buy your children their uniforms (skort, shirt and reversible).  A link will be set up on the website shortly.  We do not keep items in inventory.  If you do not order by July 15 - your child may not have a uniform. 

If your child has outgrown their uniform or their stick, consider donating them to the program.



Graphic Solutions has put together a great store for us for the upcoming season, including sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, shirts and shorts.  The store opened on June 21, 2022 and will close July 16, 2022.  Delivery expected mid to late August.  Check it out and get your orders in!


If you are interested, please drop off these items with Heather Pizzotti at 6 Elizabeth Way.  She has also graciously offered to pick up items if that is easier.  Please contact her directly at

Anticipated Practice & Game Schedule

Once registration is closed, we will be able to finalize the practice and game schedule.  Similar to prior years, Grades K and 1-2 will have practice one day per week.  Grades 3-8 will have practice twice a week.  As soon as we have the schedule ready - it will be posted.

We are working towards putting together a weekly game series for Grades 1-6 every Saturday afternoon, with additional games anticipated depending on the make-up of other town programs.  

Grades 7-8 will have approximately 2 to 3 games a week, depending on the games we are able to schedule with other Cape Ann teams, as well as with other towns that we frequently play.


Similar to prior years, we are putting together a program that will provide the girls in Grades 3-8 with an opportunity to get in shape, hone their skills and have some fun before the season kicks off.   In the past, we have done this the two weeks prior to the start of the season.  Details coming soon.


We need volunteers for coaching and to administer the program.  There are opportunities to update the website (content, calendar, etc.), equipment procurement, swag overseer, scheduler (practices, games, buses, referees, bootcamp) and event planner (end of the year party, Play 4 Cure night).

Please email if you are interested.

Game Play Expectations for Grades 5-8

As coaches, our job in the Lynnfield Youth Field Hockey program is to build a love of the game and develop our players at all levels.  To keep our program competitive with other leading programs, we want dedicated players.  Game participation at the 5th to 8th grade levels will be based on attendance at practices, a positive attitude and respect for teammates and coaches and their performance at both practices and games.  Players who do not attend every practice, who do not show up on time, do not try their hardest and do not show respect for coaches, officials, opponents and teammates may not get as much playing time as others that do.  This mirrors what will be expected of our players at the high school level and serves to foster their dedication to the sport.  

Lynnfield Youth Field Hockey

The purpose of Lynnfield Youth Field Hockey is to foster, encourage and promote the playing of field hockey for the children and residents of Lynnfield and to develop and promote the qualities of physical fitness, competitive spirit, team play, loyalty, citizenship and good sportsmanship in those who participate in the program.

Uniforms - Reversibles, Skorts & T-Shirts

Review sizing associated with each item. Note - the skort runs very small. If you would like to be fitted for the uniforms - please contact to schedule a time.

Field Hockey Store

Follow this link to our field hockey swag store. Get your orders in asap. We will not be taking orders after July 16. Delivery expected mid to late August. There are some great items - please check it out!


Lynnfield Youth Field Hockey